Elisabet Garcia


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Elisabet joined Baker Katz as the firm’s accounting clerk in December of 2019. As part of the property management accounting team, her primary responsibility is to provide assistance with all payable transaction to ensure documents are complete and maintained as needed. Elisabet’s support is essential to the smooth operation of the firm’s accounting department.

Before starting at Baker Katz, Elisabet spent time as a chemical lab assistant at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California where she supported lab research and data analysis of the Murchison Meteorite. Elisabet holds an associate degree in biology from San Jacinto College and will graduate in 2023 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in chemical engineering from Prairie View A&M University.

In her free time, Elisabet enjoys reading, karaoke singing, and watching movies with her kids, Devhonie, Jorge, and Sabastian.

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