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May 22

Retail Owners Bet Big on Makeovers

RECon attendees detailed strategies for major renovations and reported renewed interest in the sector from institutional capital sources. Judging by conversations with a few of the developers and project managers at RECon on Monday, a steady

Aug 30

Digital Distraction: E-Commerce Myths & Realities

As the line between click-and-order and brick-and-mortar continues to blur, our preoccupation with the impact of online retail misses the point, an industry veteran contends. The narrative is so well established that even those outside the

Jun 8

June Issue: Energy–Fuel Gauge Commercial Property Executive

During the past few years, the United States has leapfrogged into the top spot among the world’s oil and gas producers. The driving force has been the expansion of hydraulic fracturing technology, which has generated new

May 22

Insiders Share Coast-to-Coast Insights Commercial Property Executive

A visitor to RECon this week could tour real estate markets around the country without ever setting foot outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Amid the customary whirl of dealmaking, educational sessions and social events, some